EcoNiLi Battery Inc. Announces New Battery Recycling Facility with 45.000 MT Annual Capacity in Spain

EcoNiLi Battery Inc. Announces New Battery Recycling Facility with 45.000 MT Annual Capacity in Spain

EconiLi Battery Europe S.L is the subsidiary company of CarbonX Global Group.

CarbonX Headquarter in Korea and Malaysia, together with EcoNiLi Battery has more than 60+ employees and is expected to rise in 2023. EcoNiLi Battery Inc.
currently serves four countries: Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and Singapore. 

eCoNiLi Battery Europe S.L will bridge Asia and Europe battery chain. eCoNiLi Battery Europe S.L is expected to start operating in June 2023.
eCoNiLi Europe S.L. is located in a 66.000 sqm industrial area in Alicante, Spain. The annual capacity of the recycling plant is 45.000 MT. With 1000 m2 of modern offices, 400 m² +350 m² R&D Laboratories supported by state-of-the-art Research and Quality control technologies aiming to be an influential example of innovative lithium battery recycling in Europe.

Furthermore, 26 high-security storage containers and second life R14 Process will enable circular economy and empower B2B process. This phase I Battery to Black Mass project is expected to achieve full capacity in Q4 2025 which will lead to the phase II Hydromet Recycling Facility.

eCoNiLi Battery Europe leads the most sustainable solutions.

eCoNiLi Battery Europe S.L. is taking an innovative step toward reducing carbon emissions. The plant in Spain includes 1600 solar panels roof to produce 833 kWh electricity 2Mwh/m. Our solar panels will reduce CO2 footprint to 45%.

eCoNiLi Inc. / CarbonX Global Group supports the expansion of knowledge about the lithium-ion battery industry.

eCoNiLi Battery takes a lot of effort to expand knowledge and awareness about the battery industry. With this vision, CarbonX Global Group has co-organized The Asian International Li-ion Battery Recycling Summit, which took place between 15-17 November in Incheon, Korea. The Summit was attended by +120 participants who have achieved innovations and sustainable solutions in the battery industry.

eCoNiLi Battery and CarbonX Global group CEO, Jayden Goh, attended the conference with his presentation titled ”Innovative Global System for Battery Lifecycle Closed Loop Service” and conveyed his +15 years of business insight to the participants. The conference was a once-in-a-generation opportunity for attendees to reshape waste battery management, reduce the pressure on the battery market environment, and create an economic opportunity.

eCoNiLi Battery prioritizes the integration of globality and diversity into the company mission with employees from all over the world. In order to contribute to a greener world, eCoNiLi Battery develops the most sustainable techniques of lithium-ion battery recycling and metal recovery solutions.

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