Product Description
Multipurpose series lithium iron phosphate(LFP)battery modules are specially designed for multiapplications by SRP. These battery modules adopt an ABS shell which can be used 24/7.
They have outstanding advantages of being waterproof, Bluetooth capabilities, heating features, impact resistance, good insulation performance, easy installation and maintenance-free.
They can meet the application of Rvs, solarlights, small medical equipment, toys and some small off-grid energy storage scenarios.Battery modules integrate intelligent BMS inside which offers great advantages in terms of safety, cycle life, balancing and smart control.
12V 24V Series
 Product Description
SRP LFP series adopts high safety lithium iron phosphate battery cell to develop lithium battery products with high energy density, high safety and intelligence on the basis of retaining the shape of traditional lead-acid battery.  

The product supports 6 in series and multiple groups in parallel; Complete models; It has long service life, supports multiple customization, and provides users with all-round energy solutions.

High Cycle Life

4000 cycles at 80%DOD for an effectively lower total cost over the battery's lifespan.

Longer Service Life

Stable chemistry and durability result in a low maintenance,long life battery.

Short Charging Times

Significantly shorter charging times compared with conventional batteries.No frequent recharging necessary!


Absolutely Safe

The combination of lithium,iron and phosphate releases no oxygen.This means the battery cannot ignite or explode

Built in Circuit Protection

Integrated Battery-Management-System(BMS)protects the battery for carefree use

Extreme Heat Tolerance

Suitable for use even in extraordinarily high ambient temperatures of above 60 C.

Safe Storage

Extremely low self-discharge and no sulphation mean the battery can be stored up to 6 months


Weighs between a third and a quarter of the weight of a conventional battery.
RV, energy storage
low-speed power
low string number lead-acid replacement 
small ups, portable mobile power supply
aerial work vehicle, stacker
AGV, etc

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