Hybrid-Three Phase 5K~10K
 Product Description
Compatible with medium-voltage batteries (lead-acid & lithium)
 Max charging/discharging current up to 50A
 Max efficiency 98.4%, BAT to AC efficiency 98%
 IP65 protection to ensure the inverter can work under various conditions
 DC/AC Surge Protection TYPE II
 Optional Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupter
 Low noise without fan design
 Remote upgrade and configuration; safety-related functions integrated; easy for cooperating with BMS
SUNPOLO 3-5KW Series
 Product Description
● Max.Can Be 9PCS in Parallel With Optional Kit
● 80A MPPT Solar Charge Controller up to 5000W Solar panel
● Efficiently Work With or Without Battery
● Built-in WIFI for Mobile Monitoring(Requires APP)
● 5KW Can Be off Grid and on Grid
● Compatible With Lithium Battery
● 5KW is Real Hybrid Can Work as Off Grid and On Grid Solar Inverters