SRP Presents at the Future Energy Show Africa 2024

The Future Energy Show Africa 2024 was held in Johannesburg from 18th to 20th March, and the SRP team showed up at booth H1-A46 to demonstrate the leading energy storage technologies and innovations.

In response to the characteristics of the South African market, SRP has launched energy storage solutions to meet the needs of different scenarios of household and industrial/commercial use. As our star products, 3-6kW single-phase low-voltage off-grid inverters and 15kW three-phase low-voltage hybrid inverters, unique selling points such as “support different power parallel“, “support diesel generator connection” and “less switching time” attracted a large number of customers to stop by. At the same time, “SRP C&I energy storage system 100KW PCS 215KWh“, which was at the center of the booth, made its debut, and its excellent performance, technical route, and market prospect attracted wide attention and affirmation.

To live up to every trust and support, SRP will continue to provide high-quality and high-performance energy storage products and solutions for global customers based on its own R&D advantages and manufacturing strength. We will continue to plough deeper into the South African market, further improve localized services, and promote the application of energy storage technology in the South African market through close cooperation with local partners, so as to provide assistance to the local energy transformation. 

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