Off-Grid Inverter

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Off-grid inverters can supply power from DC to AC instantly to power the appliances. The DC to AC solar inverter must react quickly and up to and over the capacity rating of the inverter. SRP provides these standalone inverters ranging from 3kW to 6kW to satisfy different electrical systems needs.

Off-Grid Inverter

Super Performance

Off-grid inverters work alone and cannot synchronize with the grid. They are usually used in remote locations where access to the utility grid is not available. So off grid solar power inverter is the first choice for emergency and outdoor power supply needs during power outages. SRP off-grid inverter excels in performance as below.

Max. Charging Current


Inverter Output
Efficiency (peack)


solar hybrid inverter

Compatible with most common low-voltage batteries (lead-acid & lithium)

off grid inverter
LCD Screen

Safely interacitve design between users and inverters

off grid inverter

Monitoring via APP by WiFi, easy for cooperating with BMS



SRP off grid solar power inverter with different power capacity is compatible with low or medium-voltage batteries. For more details about SRP off-grid inverter, please check the datasheet.

off grid inverter

Off-Grid Inverter - Single Phase 3K/3.6K/5K

off grid inverter

Off-Grid Inverter - Single Phase 6K


Super Performance
What size of inverter do I need for my off-grid system?

The size of the off-grid solar power inverter depends on your energy consumption and peak power needs. A general guideline is to select an off-grid inverter with a capacity slightly higher than your maximum load to accommodate surges.

Our standalone inverter is compatible with the battery types, including lead-acid and lithium-ion. However, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with your chosen batteries.

An off-grid inverter is designed to convert DC power from batteries into AC power to supply electricity to appliances in locations without grid access. It operates independently of the electrical grid and is usually used in standalone solar or wind power systems.

In contrast, an off-grid hybrid inverter combines the features of an off-grid inverter with the ability to integrate multiple power sources, such as solar panels, batteries, and a backup generator.

Off-grid hybrid inverter can manage and switch between different power inputs to ensure a continuous power supply, enhancing system reliability and efficiency.

In addition, some hybrid inverters may be capable of connecting to the grid for backup purposes, providing added flexibility. This makes hybrid inverters more versatile and suitable for users who need to manage complex power systems or who want the option to connect to the grid in the future.

The peak efficiency of our off-grid inverters is 93%. This high efficiency ensures that the maximum amount of energy is converted from DC to AC, reducing energy loss and improving overall system performance. This makes our DC to AC solar inverters a reliable choice for optimizing energy use in various applications.

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