SRP’s Hybrid – ESS – C&I -30: Redefining Energy Storage Battery Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Use

Security and efficiency are paramount at SRP, and our Hybrid – ESS – C&I -30 energy storage battery system exemplifies these principles. Designed for high-intensity commercial and industrial applications, this system features high-density phosphate lithium cells known for their reliability and longevity. Our innovative BMS with a two-level architecture, seamlessly integrated with an EMS platform, enhances the intelligence of our system, allowing for meticulous monitoring and management of operation statuses. Furthermore, the robust industrial-grade outdoor cabinet equipped with intelligent air conditioning ensures the system’s endurance in diverse environmental conditions, securing uninterrupted energy supply regardless of external factors.

High Integration for Optimized Space and Performance

The design of our Hybrid – ESS – C&I -30 focuses on maximizing space and enhancing performance through high integration. The compact footprint, covering only about 1.1m², allows for easier placement and less intrusive installation in commercial settings. Additionally, the modular design of this energy storage battery enables flexible capacity matching, allowing businesses to tailor the system according to their specific power needs. This adaptability not only provides efficiency but also ensures scalability as the energy demands of the business grow.

Streamlining Installation for Commercial Efficiency

Understanding the need for economical solutions in the commercial sector, the Hybrid – ESS – C&I -30 is engineered for convenience and cost-effectiveness. The entire system is transportable as a whole unit, significantly reducing installation time and associated costs. Integrating a hybrid inverter within the system eliminates the need for separate inverter and battery debugging and assembly, further lowering the setup expenses. Additionally, with a built-in power distribution circuit, we ensure a hassle-free installation process, allowing businesses to focus on their operations without concern for their energy system setup.

Leading the Charge in Energy Storage Innovations

At SRP, we are committed to pioneering advanced energy solutions that meet the complex needs of today’s commercial and industrial sectors. Our Hybrid – ESS – C&I -30 is more than just an energy storage battery; it is a testament to our dedication to innovation, security, and efficiency in energy management. By continuously advancing our technology and refining our designs, we aim to provide not just products but complete solutions that drive business growth and sustainability.


The SRP Hybrid – ESS – C&I -30 energy storage battery system is at the forefront of addressing the dynamic and demanding energy needs of modern businesses. With its superior security features, highly integrated and efficient design, and streamlined installation processes, it represents a pivotal advancement in energy technology. As we move forward, SRP will continue to innovate and lead in the development of energy storage solutions that are not only effective but also transformative for businesses around the globe. Join us in our journey toward a more sustainable and efficient future, powered by reliable and cutting-edge technology.

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