Empowering Homes with SRP’s Residential Rack-Mounted Battery SRP-5000U: A Revolution in Home Battery Storage Systems

Safety stands at the forefront of SRP‘s design philosophy, particularly evident in our Residential Rack-Mounted Battery SRP-5000U. Each unit features a high-safety LFP cell, boasting UL9540A certification, which reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering the safest possible energy storage solutions. The SRP-5000U is meticulously engineered with an active protection design to ensure that the battery operates within the safest parameters, setting a benchmark for reliability and security in home battery storage systems.

Advanced Efficiency and User-Friendly Design

Efficiency drives our innovations at SRP, and the SRP-5000U is designed to optimize your home’s energy usage effortlessly. By integrating a vertical BMS & Inverter protocol, our system allows homeowners a unified platform to view and manage their energy data, simplifying the way energy is monitored and controlled. The compact design, featuring less than 430mm in depth and lightweight construction, saves valuable space while providing maximum energy storage. Moreover, adhering to the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle, our plug & play setup ensures that managing your home battery storage system is hassle-free and straightforward.

Economic Benefits of the SRP-5000U

The economic advantages of the SRP-5000U make it an essential addition to any home. Designed to endure more than 6000 cycles with over 80% end of life (EOL) capacity, our home battery storage system stands out as a long-term investment that continues to deliver benefits years down the line. Additionally, the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of the SRP-5000U is reduced by 2-8%, offering homeowners a shorter payback period compared to other systems on the market. This economic efficiency not only makes the SRP-5000U a smart financial choice but also contributes to a more sustainable energy solution for households.

Leading the Charge Towards Sustainable Home Energy Solutions

As a pioneering force in the energy storage industry, SRP remains committed to bringing innovative and sustainable energy solutions to homes worldwide. Our mission to equip every household with safe, efficient, and economical energy solutions drives us to continually innovate and improve our offerings. The Residential Rack-Mounted Battery SRP-5000U is a testament to this commitment, delivering unparalleled safety, efficiency, and economic benefits.


SRP is not just providing a product; we are offering a gateway to energy independence and sustainability for homeowners around the globe. The SRP-5000U is more than a home battery storage system; it is a critical component of your home energy ecosystem, designed to meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and economic benefit. Choose SRP and take a significant step towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future for your home.

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